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May 1st 2019 10 Years!

You don’t see the years pass as you get on with every day life and running your business the best you can around that every day life, and then boom it suddenly dawns on you, it has been 10 years since you set up your little business!! Wow!


10 years ago we were living in Devon, happily married for 4 years with a son aged 2 and a new baby daughter. Juggling all that entails I decided to set up my little Wedding and Event business La Luna Floral Design to work around the children, and that it did. The business took off so quickly, it was amazing and as nerve wrecking and challenging as it was at times, I loved every second of it!


We moved to Devon in 2003, leaving behind most of our family in Hampshire, I have to be honest I found it hard to begin with, I had never lived that far away from them before, for the first 2 years every time we came back to visit I would cry all the way home! I know I'm a big sop!


But we loved it there, it was an adventure of our own and we built a life there for ourselves. After a few years we decided we wanted to live more in the countryside so put our house on the market to buy something more rural. But we didn’t find anything straight away so we had to rent for 6 months, and it was then that I felt free to do whatever we liked, and I decided I wanted to move back to Hampshire!! We had loved living in Devon and made some amazing friends for life, but not having family for support was always hard, so we took the plunge and moved back to Hampshire along with my business!


We moved to Oakley near Basingstoke in March 2012, hubby found a new job easily enough in his trade, Archie was half way though reception year at Infant School and settled really well in his new school and Lola loved her new pre school. Phew!


Thing is we bought a wreck of a house (internally) which took a huge amount of time and money to restore, but restore it we did, mostly by my amazingly clever hubby, which meant that establishing La Luna in Hampshire took a lot longer, it was harder too!


But roll on to 2019 and here we are, so what a better way to celebrate my 10 years in business than to have a whole new re brand and a brand new website!! Exciting!!


I had never had a professionally made logo for my business before, but I wanted to enlist the help of a professional this time. Being a one man band and owner of a small business, one of the struggles is having to do everything yourself like admin, marketing, advertising, social media etc.. so I felt very grown up and excited to work with the amazing Lou from Eley Designs to help develop my new brand and logo. I like to use local small firms where possible and Lou is in the same village as me and also a friend, so it was an easy choice. The whole process was amazing and how it evolved over the last few months has blown me away… Lou has made me look at my business in a different light to how I did before, made me believe in myself and my abilities more and find that drive and enthusiasm that at times has waned over the years as you try and make the business a success! My whole new brand says everything about me, its me in a logo for sure and that’s what Lou has been able to capture, I cant recommend her highly enough!


So obviously I had to have a shiny new website to go with my whole new brand, and again I have found in another fabulous friend from the village a website designer in the making! Laura Thomas from Laura Thomas Designs. Laura is in the first stages of her fledgling business of website design and hopefully I haven’t scared her off, my brief was quite simple I hope, to fill it with beautiful flowers, colours and of course my beautiful new logo. And I am thrilled with the result!


And a Blog post is another new thing for me, I have to say I always thought I would find it hard, but I have loved writing this blog and it will definitely be a regular thing for me, so keep watching for the next one!!!!


A big thank you to Lou and Laura for the whole experience and to my customers past and present as without you none of this would be possible!


Until next time, thanks for reading.

Claire xx

 Nov 4th 2020-  Covid Craziness & Challenges 

I have been planning to write this blog post for a while now, to tell you about my Covid challenges with my business in these crazy times, but every time I think is the right time to write it there seems to be yet another stumbling block then a twist and turn and no normality in sight to think of at the moment.

For so many our new ‘normal’ is going to be slightly different, and I think that is where I am at right now, adapting my business in these uncertain times, so I can continue doing what I love and not letting go of my passion and little business.

My heart broke for all my couples who had to postpone their big day this year, once sometimes twice to a new date and still not knowing if the day they had planned will even go ahead! And me being solely a wedding and events florist it left me with a big hole.

At first the lockdown was fine, my Husband was furloughed (and has only just gone back) my two secondary school children were at home, and we were safe and had a roof over are heads and food on the table, in the grand scheme of things we were fine! And lucky to have nice weather to sit in the garden etc.. and the one huge saving grace for me was that I worked from my studio at home, I didn’t have huge overheads to pay for a workshop or unit or shop.. (one day I would love a workshop, my next goal when all this craziness is over).

I then started doing a few safe ‘Doorstep Deliveries’, for people locally who couldn’t see their loved ones, which I loved so much. Bringing a smile to peoples faces was amazing and the lift they needed, and I carried on providing beautiful flowers each week. As my website was only catered for my weddings and events business it got me thinking about going forward for the future. I had not wanted to have the commitment before to do daily deliveries as my children were younger and still needed me, but now they are both older and don’t need me so much, ☹ I can now commit to more. So I have now launched my online shop!! It’s a very exciting time for me and has kept me busy over the last few months, planning, preparing, photoshoots and designing all my new products. I wanted to keep my products true to my style and brand, I didn’t want to be a florist that has a gazillon products to choose from, my work is more bespoke and I want people to choose me because they like my style and creativity. I don’t have a factory line where a million items are being made mindlessly. Every bouquet or arrangement is made by me with love and care and being true to my style. This ethos has worked so far and everyone who has ordered or received flowers from me has loved them, I think! And my wedding and events luxury style shows through in my work for sure!

So please do take a look at my new online shop, and please do consider me for any local deliveries. I also can provide flowers for all the normal occasions plus funeral and sympathy flowers, contract flowers, seasonal items, my Christmas Wreaths are a firm favourite. I do seasonal wreath workshops and also have amazing candles and vases to compliment my range for that extra special gift.

Thank you so much for reading and I do hope you are all staying safe and well. And thank you for supporting my small business.

Much Love Claire x